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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Here it is right here, my life in a nutshell. Here’s to P6🌎 and the realest shit you’ll ever read.

I’ve debated doing this for quite some time but as my life has gotten crazier- as I’m somewhat addicted to chaos- now is as good a time as ever to put it all out there. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the crazy shit and everything in between. I scroll and scroll through social media, that is when I get the chance, to which, I’m forever thinking, ‘hmm maybe I too should jot some content down that maybe someone, somewhere will think is relatable or relevant.’ That thought quickly passes as I realize that my four kids, couple of businesses, and home are all in need of something from me and that something is ME. Everyone and anyone it seems is always in need of me. Don’t get me wrong the life I live, it is great and I love to feel wanted but holy shit, there’s just not always enough of me to go around. I’m in my 20’s, sexy as can be, badass body, married, four beautiful kids, a great job and the picture perfect little family (and when I say perfect I mean perfect, my children are absolutely beautiful). I stopped counting how often people tell me I just don’t know how you do it. If you know me then you may think you know the answer to this, as you can just see the exhaustion on my face but to be honest, fuck if I oknow, I don’t even know how I do it. In the midst of this COVID nonsense as if I needed to add more to my plate we have our three big kids all E-Learning and our one little guy just innocently tearing apart anything and everything. As if the days aren’t long enough, you add a job to that equation as well as all of the organized sports our children take part in, a home to maintain, oh ya and a crazy hot sex life, I feel as though I’m trying to fit 72 hours into a 24 hour day.

The reality of my life is I’m usually a major bitch because I’m so overwhelmed, at times I’m not very friendly or empathetic, but I’m figuratively drowning. I’m always trying to make something of myself, whether it be to do something big for the kids, to do something big for my man, to start another business or just go out on a limb and do some crazy shit but often times I find myself thinking it’s not enough. My big kids they’re old enough for this whole Tik Tok, YouTube era and quite frankly it’s depressing. They’re always telling me how cool all of these you-tubers, Tik Tok-ers, and bloggers are like Charli D’amelio. I go with it and I take part in this social media thing with them since it’s just where we’re at in 2020, I laugh and watch videos with them and look at all of these famous people and their materialistic things. We watch all of these videos of beautiful girls and I listen to them go on and on and on about these awesome lavish people but quite frankly I find this INSULTING AF (as they say). Why would this be insulting, easy, I AM COOL, I am the epitome of cool, like I am as cool as they come. Sure I get wrapped up in the whole business women, mom, wife thing, and I’m not always on my A game but I am young, fun, and just as good a Tik Tok dancer as any of this other young hott girls prancing around. This, this right here is where I lose it. I have the world by the balls and at times I feel I’m lacking, I often joke to the kids, I will be famous one day and then you’ll see. I tell my husband often that these other bad bitches don’t have anything on me so they can all kiss my ass as again when I’m famous one day then he too will also see. It’s more so just a joke, I don’t really want to be famous, or have a ridiculous amount of money, or a house in every state but I will say that in all of the craziness and in this life we live I often times find myself just wanting my husband and kids to look up to me and really take pride in what we have.

My kids looked at me the other day while they were talking about how many TikTok likes a video received and our 2nd youngest turned to me and said, ‘Guys who cares about the hype house (I don’t even know what that is, but we’ll go with it,) our mom is even more famous than all those lames and she could probably buy 20 hype houses and a Tesla model S. The other two proceeded to say, ‘Duh we know she’s famous, all of these other people we see are trying to be just like her.’

It was right then I realized that I did it, I made it. I was fucking famous. No, not the kind of famous you see on TV, or in the news, but a different kind of famous. Here’s to all of the adventures in this life we’ve created, here’s to all of the times to come in this lifetime together. My four kids and husband are the shit, so here’s to being my kind of F*CKN FAMOUS.

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